About Us

Comprehensive Integrated Oncology Specialty Centre

OncoCare Cancer Centre (Singapore) is now one of the largest private oncology practices in Singapore with seven clinics located at Singapore’s premier hospitals – Gleneagles Medical Centre, Gleneagles Annexe Centre, Mount Elizabeth Orchard Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre and Mount Alvernia Medical Centre. For a comprehensive, integrated specialised facility to care for cancer patients, this ensures ready and rapid access to quality CT scans, MRI imaging and PET/CT scans, radiotherapy facilities and cutting-edge laboratory services. Most scans are arranged on the same or the next working day and responsive services mean less waiting and anxiety for patients.

Responsive and benevolent, our specialists and nursing staff at OncoCare Cancer Centre are committed not only to the most comprehensive, effective cancer treatment options but also to personalised care. Patients with our clinic will have close access to their treating doctor and will often know our staff by name. This eliminates our patients’ concerns that they face a stranger when they need emergency care at our speciality centre. Our doctors and staff are fluent in English and Mandarin. We have many Mandarin, Malay and Bahasa-speaking staff. Interpreters can be arranged for foreign international patients as needed.

Helmed by highly trained specialist medical oncologists, and palliative care specialists who are continually involved in new cancer research, OncoCare Cancer Centre, Singapore offers the most effective approaches including new targeted therapies, molecular markers and imaging, stratifying patients to the best therapies with major clinical responses while sparing unnecessary toxicities. While cancer is often the target, the promise of personalized medicine is also about personalized holistic care for the patient’s other physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual needs. That is why we believe in not just the delivery of medicine, but the delivery of care!