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Cancer Topics

Training dogs to sniff out lung cancer nodules

One of the eye catching topics at the recent World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) was about training dogs to sniff out malignant lung cancer nodules. The World Conference on Lung Cancer is the world’s largest meeting involving lung cancer specialists, researchers, doctors, from many...

Cancer immunotherapy research bags the 2018 Nobel Prize for Medicine
24/10/18    by: Dr Tay Miah Hiang , Dr Peter Ang ,

The idea of using the immune system to battle cancer has been around for more than a hundred years. However, it is only recently that pioneering breakthroughs in cancer research have led to immunotherapy drugs being  available to treat a wide range of cancers including melanoma ( skin cancer),...

Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment – Updates From ASCO 2018

Amongst the...

Bleeding From The Nose – When Something Smells Fishy
19/08/18    by: Dr Leong Swan Swan

It is not uncommon to experience occasional nose bleeds, which frequently settles with the simple manoeuvre of pinching the nose while breathing through the mouth.  Most situations of bleeding from the nose (epistaxis) is not related to cancer. Amongst causes of nose bleeding, the commonest is...

New and Recent Approved Systemic Treatments for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Liver Cancer
27/07/18    by: Dr Thomas Soh

New & recent approved systemic treatments for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)  Liver Cancer

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or primary liver cancer often presents in the advanced stage. It is an aggressive tumour that often occurs in the setting of chronic liver disease and cirrhosis of the...

Updates in kidney cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer treatment, ASCO 2018
10/07/18    by: Dr Akhil Chopra

American Society of Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting was held from 1 to 5 June 2018, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA. A team of doctors from ONCOCARE CANCER CENTRE (Singapore) attended the meeting and below are important medical oncology updates for patients with kidney cancer, bladder cancer...