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Tips For Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients
Tips For Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with cancer, it can be a disorienting and scary time. With so many medical decisions to make, looming treatments and doctor visits, support from family and friends—we understand that this can feel overwhelming. While it’s natural to feel stressed and confused about what lies ahead, there is support available for navigating this journey. 

Understanding that this is a difficult and complex experience to go through, the doctors at OncoCare have put together some tips for newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families to help make it just a bit easier. Read on for our helpful advice so that you or your loved ones can begin their own paths towards healing armed with relevant knowledge from reliable experts in Singapore.

1. Speak To Your Loved Ones

For cancer patients who have recently been diagnosed, having the support of friends and family to talk about concerns or plans can be invaluable. Enlisting the help of those closest to you may seem daunting, however it is extremely beneficial. Your loved ones are able to provide an anchor in a time of transition and uncertainty, being a sounding board for emotions and advice. Hearing opinions from those who care for your well-being can also help cancer patients gain clarity on how to proceed with their diagnosis. Ultimately, having a strong support network is paramount during this trying period in one’s life.

2. Avoid Misleading Information Online Or On Social Media

Being recently diagnosed with cancer can be terrifying and overwhelming, and cancer patients may find themselves desperately searching for information online or on social media. When faced with overwhelming amounts of confusing cancer-related information online regarding subjects such as suitable treatments, doctors, food or diets for cancer patients, it can be a daunting task to verify its accuracy and quality. It is important to be aware that these platforms are full of not only helpful information, but also misinformation and mixed messages. As cancer patients begin their journey towards treatment and recovery, it is important to look for authoritative sources to gain knowledge about cancer from cancer specialists in Singapore such as OncoCare. Doing so will ensure cancer patients are accessing accurate and up-to-date treatments that are best suited for them and their individual situations.

3. Take Action To Cope With Your Fear

Facing cancer can be a daunting experience, and cancer patients are often faced with fears that may lead them to make irreversible decisions. Talking about these fears with a trusted friend, family member or mental health professional can help in seeking help and providing support. Sometimes it can help to talk to someone about the things that you are afraid of. This can help cancer patients understand why they feel that way. They might be afraid of having to go through cancer treatment again, or losing control over their life, or of dying. Writing down their thoughts, or expressing themselves through art or music are other good ways to process what they are going through too. Joining a cancer patient support group has been found to be beneficial, allowing cancer patients to share their emotions and fears with others who understand them. These groups encourage people to exchange their experiences and helpful advice, creating a sense of belonging and making those who are going through this condition feel less alone. Therefore, it is important to not ignore one’s fears but accept them and find ways to manage it; cancer support groups can provide the guidance needed for overcoming fear.

4. Consult Professional & Empathetic Cancer Doctors In Singapore

With cancer causing 28.4 percent of all recorded fatalities in the nation, it’s vitally important that cancer patients consult their medical professional as soon as possible – doing so will not only increase the chances of survival but could also lead to more successful treatment outcomes.

At OncoCare, cancer patients are provided with the highest quality cancer treatment and support. Our team of professional and empathetic cancer doctors understand the medical condition and its severity, aiming to provide cancer patients with the most comprehensive range of cancer services available. With a variety of treatments such as imaging tests, scans, blood tests and biopsies available within our integrated facilities, cancer patients in Singapore can rest assured that they will receive expert information regarding their condition and have enough time and space to plan treatment together with their doctors. Arrange for an appointment now at one of our clinics to get reliable support from experienced cancer professionals.

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Written by:
Dr Angela Pang
MBBS (Singapore)
Grad Dip (GRM)
M Med (Internal Med)