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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials play a pivotal role in evidence-based medicine. We believe that today’s research leads to tomorrow’s cure and our doctors are actively involved in clinical research and trials to bring new treatments and hope to our cancer patients. Clinical trials is a process which is internationally accepted to bring cancer immunotherapy medications to patients. The process is orderly and the findings about what the cancer drugs can or cannot do will benefit future patients. Side effects of these medications are recorded systematically as a basis to better inform doctors and patients.

At the same time, clinical trials for oncology drugs provide hope for patients and access to medications that might take some time to be developed. Some patients may feel like drugs are being “tested” on them. However, patients need to also understand that much of what we have learnt about cancer medications have been from prior clinical trials. In addition, clinical trials are conducted in a way that aims to be fair to patients and investigators.

Cancer treatment is established and developed through rigorous clinical research. At OncoCare, we focus on Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials for the benefit of patients. Phase 3 clinical trials are to compare if a new immunotherapy treatment is as good as or better than the current standard treatment for a particular cancer. The eligible patient will be assigned by computer to one of the study arms. Phase 2 clinical trials are to study if the new drug has specific therapeutic effects on certain cancers. The phase 2 drug has been investigated in prior settings to have a strong clinical rationale to work, especially as an alternative solution for patients in cases where commercially available treatment might have become less suitable or controlled the cancer’s progress. Through clinical trials, patients at OncoCare Cancer Centre can access commercially unavailable new and cutting-edge immunotherapy treatments with close monitoring.

Clinical trials are usually designed by medical expert working groups. It has to go through several rounds of approval by health authorities and ethics committees (EC)/ Institutional Review Board (IRB), with compliance to ICH guideline (ICH stands for International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use), before any patients can be enrolled. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) or ethics committees (EC) is a committee made up of physicians, nurses, researchers, patients and lawyers, to ensure that medical treatment and human research in such settings are carried out in an ethical manner in accordance with national and international law.
The clinical trials framework aims to benefit current and future patients in the best way and to save as many lives as possible through methodical and systematic conduct of trials, information collection and being mindful of patient safety.

You are encouraged to look through our list of clinical trials in Singapore attached to find immunotherapy studies for which you may be eligible. Discuss with our doctors by booking an appointment at enquiries@oncocare.sg, or you could also reach us at clinicaltrials@oncocare.sg