Dr Thomas Soh, Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist of ONCOCARE CANCER CENTRE (Singapore) was an invited speaker at Providend In House talk on 26 Jun 2018.

PROVIDEND, established in 2001 is a financial advisory firm which specializes in retirement planning in Singapore.

The talk was catered specially for Providend clients who are usually in the 50s and above.

Dr Thomas Soh shared insights about screening, common signs and symptoms of cancer.


There was also a segment on cancer prevention, and also education on the most common cancers in Singapore, including colon cancer, rectal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer.

The talk aimed to empower the audience with understanding, to identify and know when to seek medical attention.

It was well received, with a captive audience and interactive platform for information sharing.

Positive comments from the organisers:

    “Overall, the talk is generally very informative and well-received by our clients. The presentation was very engaging and there was very good audience-speaker interaction. I wish more of our clients could have attended to benefit from it.”Evelyn Goh, Deputy CEO, Providend

    “The talk was not only engaging but also had a lot of take home value, and was well presented by Dr Thomas Soh. There are very positive feedback from our clients and we will definitely consider OncoCare for our future events again.” –  Nataly Ong, Brand Management Executive