Dr Akhil Chopra was invited by the organizing committee of the 125th anniversary celebration of Hue Central Hospital (Viet Nam) and Annual Scientific Conference on Cancer Control to talk about latest treatment in advanced lung cancer during the plenary session on 30th Aug, 2019. He spoke about the most recent clinical trial data on EGFR and ALK driven lung cancers using targeted therapy. He also discussed data using the latest immunotherapy drugs with and without chemotherapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer without actionable mutations. His talk was well received by the audience.

Dr Chopra traveled the next day to Hanoi, Viet Nam where he was invited to talk in the conference on “Evidence based medicine in Oncology- Understanding and Practice”. He gave a talk on emerging endpoints and biomarkers in lung cancer trials. His audience included his oncology colleagues from National Cancer Centre in Hanoi and junior doctors.