OncoCare Cancer Centre

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Diagnosis and work up of cancer


Treatment of cancer as inpatient or outpatient


Types Of Treatment



Who We Are

Since its founding in 2007, OncoCare Cancer Centre in Singapore has been committed to providing the best available cancer care to our patients through expert, personalized treatments, driven by state of the art knowledge and making a difference through efficient delivery, effective communication and compassionate touch. We seek to cure, to relieve and to partner our patients on their cancer journey by using our understanding of the detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. We aim to reduce toxicity, control symptoms, prevent disfigurement, eliminate pain, and emotional distress associated with cancer-directed therapy.

We believe that today’s research leads to tomorrow’s cure and our doctors are actively involved in clinical research and trials, have a dynamic collaboration with regional cancer institutions and laboratories. We have access to the latest commercial imaging, molecular genetic laboratories associated with world-class science and technology.

Our core values are Excellence, Compassion and Integrity.



Some newly diagnosed cancer patients may require a multi-modality approach comprising chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy…

“Making the best cancer management decisions for patients as a team”


Our Specialists

DR Akhil Chopra

MBBS (Delhi) – American Board Certified (Int Med) – American Board Certified (Hematology) – American Board Certified (Onkologi Medis)

DR Benjamin Chuah

MBBCH, BAO (Ireland) – MRCP (United Kingdom) – FRCP (Edinburgh) – FRCP (Onkologi Medis)

DR Leong Swan Swan

MBBS (Singapore) – M.Med (Singapore) – MRCP (United Kingdom) – FAMS (Onkologi Medis)

DR Peter Ang

MBBS (Singapore) – M.Med (Singapore) – MRCP (United Kingdom) – FAMS (Onkologi Medis)

DR Tan Sing Huang

MBBS (Singapore) – M.Med (Singapore) – MRCP (United Kingdom) – FAMS (Onkologi Medis)

DR Tan Yew Seng

MBBS (Singapore) – MMed (Singapore) – FCFP (Singapore) – FAMS (Kedokteran Paliatif)