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Liver cancer treatments — A decade later



Cancer has existed for all of human history. Despite much of the progress in treatment of cancer over the past few decades, it remains a deadly disease.

The last liver cancer drug, sorafenib was approved in 2007. After a decade, drugs like regorafenib, nivolumab and lenvatinib are now showing potential in treating hepatocellular carcinoma. The treatment options for patients suffering from advanced liver cancer have increased over the past couple of years and the world is eagerly awaiting results of ongoing clinical trials with new drugs and combinations. Read on to understand more about advanced treatment in liver cancer. The article was contributed by Dr Akhil Chopra, Senior Consultant, OncoCare Cancer Centre (Singapore) and featured on Asia-Pacific Biotech News (APBN*):

At OncoCare , each patient will be offered a personalised management plan to effectively manage their pain, treatment, and improve their quality of life.


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