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Breast cancer: It’s not just one cancer

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women, and the second most common cancer in the world after lung cancer. There were over 2 million new cases of breast cancer in 2018 according to GLOBOCAN 2018*.

However, there are certain barriers to early detection and treatment in Asian patients. Lack of knowledge and a lack of access to information about breast cancer symptoms, misconceptions about its treatments and prognosis, fear, preference for traditional or alternative medicines, cultural issues and financial concerns are the common factors.

This article talks about the different types of breast cancer present in women and advanced treatment options available. 

The article was published in January 2019 by Asia Pacific Biotech News featuring our Dr Tan Sing Huang, Senior Medical Oncologist - an expert in breast cancer.

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(*) GLOBOCAN 2018 is an online database providing estimates of incidence and mortality in 185 countries for 36 types of cancer, and for all cancer sites combined.