Colon Cancer: Prevention Tips, Common Spread Sites & Treatment Methods

Colon cancer is a frightening word for anyone to hear. For those who have been diagnosed with it, or are at risk for developing it, that fear can be all-consuming. But this type of cancer is relatively common, and can be treated effectively if caught early. Being aware of the risk factors and making lifestyle changes can also reduce the chances of colon cancer. In this post, OncoCare, a leading colon cancer specialist in Singapore discusses what is colon cancer, how to prevent it, the most common spread sites for colon cancer, and treatment methods.

The Second Most Common Type of Breast Cancer Pathology – Invasive Lobular Cancer

What is invasive lobular cancer (ILC)?

​Invasive lobular breast cancer (also called Infiltrating lobular breast  carcinoma) is a subtype of breast cancer which arises from the milk-producing lobules which connect to the ducts that carry milk to the nipple.  It is the second most common type of invasive breast cancer after infiltrating ductal cancer, and comprises 5-10% of all invasive lesions.

Ten Facts about Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)

In Singapore, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for more than 40 years and it is the leading cause of death in cancers affecting women. There are more than 7000 new cases a year (from 2006-2010) and it has been a rising incidence trend. The incidence rises sharply after 30 years old to peak in the 60s. Of the ethnic groups in Singapore, the age-standardised incidence rate is higher for Chinese than for the other ethnic groups.